Venice Biennale

790 boxes of Scottish descent, each imprinted with the name of their respective island birthplace, depart from their homeland accompanied by 110 Venetian counterparts and set sail to their new home among the gondolas to take pride of place at the centre of the Biennale.

Elevating the mundane to the sublime, their tactile nature is embraced by all those who encounter them, encouraged by their playful prompt of 'pre go' (take me). Meanwhile their protective shells are divided to provide an adaptable venue for the programme of events, discussion and debate at the heart of the event.

When the Scottish Pavilion has run its course, Pre Go bids farewell to the city, leaving the 790 island émigrés to be reused, purloined as a keepsake or recycled. Nothing remains or is altered of their eventful residence, save for the memories or those whose lives they touched during that one week in September. As Venice is left with a cubic island legacy so too are we as the 110 luminous cubes, symbolic of our host's island membership, return to Scotland within the protective shells, reconstituted for their voyage, to offer tales of the Biennale across the country.




  • Project: Venice Biennale
  • Location: Venice
  • Client: The Lighthouse
  • Status: Competition Submission