Summer Pavillion

Exhibit. Present. Gather. Each one distinctly   different   yet  sharing  the common  notions  of  social  interaction  and information exchange. We  looked  to  history  for  suitable  examplars  of public forums,  meeting  spaces, debates,  exhibitions, gatherings and through this search  we  discovered   the  legacy  of  the  Kahvehane  or  coffee  house.

Exhibit.  Present. Gather. Key elements to the Kahvehane and, we believe, key elements to the Art Fund Pavilion. Six   cabinets,   arranged   in   linear   fashion   provide  the Pavilion  with  all   the  tools  to   play  host to these three key elements all   beautifully  wrapped  in   our  contemporary  take  on  the  finest Ottoman Textiles.

When   in  use,  the  cabinets   work  together,  forming a serpentine wall within  the Lightbox  Courtyard; springing to  life  as  seats fold  down  and  canopies  fold  up.  The Ottoman  inspired cladding  makes  shadows  dance on  the   ground   providing  the  perfect  backdrop  for   the exhibitions on display. When not in use, the  cabinets  close  ranks to  form a solid wall, and  the  entire  Pavilion   retreats   to   provide   a  more  definable  boundary condition along the canal.




  • Project: Summer Pavillion
  • Location: London
  • Client: The Art Fund / Tent
  • Status: Competition Submission