Infobox Design Competition

This brief required a pavilion style beacon for the Tribeca housing development in Liverpool.  The pavilion was to function as a marketing and information space for Urban Splash to promote the development through the construction period.

Acknowledging Liverpool's history of strong community spirit, we investigated the roots of what 'home' means and decided to follow a design development based on the archetypal form of the house.  We extruded this form, creating a public representation of all the living spaces of the house, adapting them to their function as a marketing device and even included glazed 'net curtains' further abstracting the familiar and creating a tunnel of dappled natural light.

We continued the gable form of the house through to the long traditional back garden and added a walkway with resulting viewing platform allowing visitors to the pavilion to be able to watch the surrounding construction process.

The result was a pavilion which allowed for the demands of its function whilst staying true to its roots.




  • Project: Infobox Design Competition
  • Location: Liverpool
  • Client: Urban Splash
  • Status: Competition Submission