Europan 10 Design Competition

"Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things… I am tempted to think there are no little things" - Bruce Barton

An exploration of the nature of colonization, our entry sought to establish first a reason to arrive - a social condenser. With civic focal points and a reflex to the existing context, a phased development of high-density, low-rise courtyard housing is proposed to foster a new community at the edge of Galway.

Penetration into - and through - the heart of the colony is vital in allowing continued and prolonged development. We propose the upgrading of the existing Boreen to serve as the north/south axial route through the area. Adding to this, an east/west route provides enhanced permeability and serves the first phase of housing development - a boulevard of 3-storey townhouses. Linking the established with the new, a ring of peripheral, stand alone dwellings reference the local vernacular in scale, materiality and form.




  • Project: Europan 10 Design Competition
  • Location: Galway, Ireland
  • Client: Europan Design Competition
  • Status: Competition Submission