Kilcreggan GIA Design Competition

Kilcreggan is one of a number of rural communities in the Clyde Firth which shares its waters with the naval crafts of Faslane. Serving as a constant reminder to past (and possibly future) conflicts, the submarines emit a message of deterrent, surveillance and intimidation. The spirit of the Firth communities, like Kilcreggan, could be viewed as being the polar opposite: they are welcoming, embracing and inclusive.

Function-led sitooteries will appear along the coast line of the peninsula, evoking references back to the pill box defences of another time. Robust in form and materiality, these sitooteries will embrace and encourage community activity and provide an infrastructure for events, meetings and information exchange. The sitooteries will house, encourage and promote such functions as information exchange; barbecue; bicycle repair, petrol pump; visitor information, ferry ticket booth; public telephone booth; kiosk and many more.

Important as individual nodes throughout Kilcreggan and the peninsula, the sitooteries will provide a network template for all rural communities on the Clyde Firth and beyond. Some will act as social condensers and attract locals and visitors to the settlement while others will provide much needed, specialised services on a small scale: appropriate to the size and wants of the settlement.

And the submarine, such an iconic symbol of the Firth will be recycled and reused as a SubHub to provide a social and physical network of links between the rural communities of the Firth. The SubHub can serve - among other things - as a bunk house, cinema, theatre and pleasure craft ensuring Kilcreggan and its neighbouring communities continue to attract visitors to their settlements.

The craft itself is a strong iconic symbol for what we believe to be an absolute requirement in ensuring the survival of the rural community and that is strong and continued links to neighbouring settlements and communities.



  • Project: Kilcreggan GIA Design Competition
  • Location: Kilcreggan
  • Client: GIA Design Competition
  • Status: Submission July 2011