G3 North

Enjoying a prominent site in Glasgow's Charing Cross adjacent to the Mitchell Library, G3 North overlooks to the east the urban canyon formed by the M8 motorway as it cuts its way through the city centre.

Seven storeys, comprising 66 residential units sit above a commercial unit at street level with private, residential parking in the basement below. The roof of the commercial unit becomes a fully landscaped private deck with a south westerly aspect, providing valuable city-centre amenity space for the residents.

Massed along two sides of the site, the apartments are accessed from a single circulation core and via a series of walkways stacked above the landscaped deck to the rear. The tenemental massing prevalent to the south and west of the development is maintained by the four storey stone "screen" on the North Street and Kent Road elevations.

Above the "screen", three anthracite aluminium-clad storeys step back from the street line and up towards the greater height and prominence of the Mitchell Library on. The stone screen disappears at the corner of North Street and Kent Road, revealing the full aluminium-clad height of the building.




  • Project: G3 North
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Client: Glasgow City Council
  • Budget: £2.7M
  • Status: 2007