Auchingramont Road

This project is located in and around an existing four bedroom, detached villa on Hamilton's Auchingramont Road. The extensive rear garden of the property offered excellent development potential despite the steeply sloping topography towards the Cadzow Burn to the south.

Our proposals combine the conversion of the existing house into three apartments; a mews extension to the house and eight new build apartments set within the rear garden.

The existing outbuildings to the house are demolished, allowing a communal driveway to navigate down the site to a central parking courtyard. From here, the new build block is accessed, with three floors of accommodation above ground at this point and a further floor of single aspect accommodation below ground, positioned behind a retaining wall, cut into the slope.

The mews extension is realised in reconstituted stone to remain consistent with the existing house and to provide a harmonious street frontage. The new build block, seen as a separate building within the garden is clad in timber and vertically hung slate.




  • Project: Auchingramont Road
  • Location: Hamilton, South Lanarkshire
  • Client: Private Developer
  • Status: Building Warrant