Spinner Street North

The site slopes steeply towards the rear with a narrow strip of level ground along the street frontage. The topography of the site made it unfeasible to build a traditional house and as a consequence the site had remained undeveloped.

This challenging site required an innovative solution. The nature of the site and the availability of spectacular views to the south dictated that the house be predominately single aspect.

The design was driven by the desire to create a rich internal layout and allow natural light deep into the plan. The house is upside down with living spaces on the first floor connected to a roof terrace with the bedrooms at ground floor level.

Externally traditional forms and materials have been employed to ensure that the house sits comfortably in its context. The composition and detailing however are wholly modern.




  • Project: Spinner Street North
  • Location: Balfron, Stirlingshire
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Completed