Florence Drive

The client brief for the project at Florence Drive was two fold: to remodel the internal layout of the house at ground floor level; and to propose a single storey extension to the rear.

The house is accessed from a steeply sloping driveway which, in its current state, is inaccessible by car. This topography continues into the rear garden which makes this area unusable as an outside space.

The solution proposed is to provide a new living space and entrance to the side and rear of the property which is, in turn, linked to a series of garden terraces to the rear. Internally, the existing house is remodelled to create a larger kitchen and dining area with connections to both the formal living space to the front and the new accommodation to the rear.

The simple, single storey extension to the rear is proposed in a strong palette of modern materials including vertically hung slate, brick and glass.




  • Project: Florence Drive
  • Location: Giffnock
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Feasibility