Lilybank Terrace

Suffering from severe fire damage in 2008, it was the Local Authority's wish that, in order to develop the site, the 'skin' of the townhouses should be reinstated to reflect its original composition as accurately as possible.

Being restricted to primarily internal works and alterations, the proposals were developed to make best use of the grand entrances and generous floor-ceiling heights to create studio apartments, one, two and three bedroom flats and maisonettes. Comprehensive pre-application discussions were entered into with the council to ensure the final product would be in accordance with their strict guidelines.

The development promises to be a faithful homage to these grand stone houses with delicate interjections of contemporary detailing and a layout appropriate to a 21st Century housing market.




  • Project: Lilybank Terrace
  • Location: Hillhead, Glasgow
  • Client: Private Developer
  • Status: On Site