Our Approach

Sketch, draw, talk, review. Sketch, draw, talk, purify. Sketch, draw, talk, review… We love what we do and process that gets us there. Inclusion is the key after all; problems are only truly solved collectively

Giving Our Best

The best is all anyone can give, and we're pleased that our clients can see and acknowledge that we give our best from the start to the end of every project. Although problems arise on every scheme, we avoid the blame game; instead we concentrate on finding the right solutions.

Doing Our Bit

We're far from perfect, but we're definitely trying. We have an ongoing environmental policy that means that we turn off our computers, lights and where possible, we specify green office products, we recycle printer cartridges, and any and all paper that comes into our paperless office. We have also recently leased two low emission, environmentally friendly pool cars to encourage staff not to bring their cars to work; we also promote car sharing wherever possible. This policy is carried from our working methods in the office to our specifications on site: architecture is about enhancing the environment, not destroying it.

Perpetual Improvement

Enthusiasm and a positive attitude are the keystones to positive final outcomes, our working motto is: "what can we do to make this work?" Our passion for architecture is reflected in our Continuous Professional Development programme, we are always looking for improvement in our design, our office environment and working practices, our communication and we aim to seek feedback on every job we're involved in.

Nurturing talent

Through our established teaching links at Strathclyde University Part 1 and Part 2 staff are invited to join the team on the basis of their commitment and potential, and are encouraged to take an active role in all aspects of our work.