Lilybank Terrace - Progress: Stone Sampling


Lilybank Stone

As the new structure within the old building continues to take shape, the last few weeks have also seen the external fabric of the building progress. The Conditions of the Planning and Listed Building Consent called for Petrographic Analysis and Stone Matching of the existing stone before any new stone could be selected. Samples of both the front and rear facades were sent for testing and, on completion of the analysis, Whitton Fell was selected as the stone to be used. This will be used throughout the front, gable and rear elevations for indents and replacements.

Elsewhere, we have carried out a full survey of the salvaged stone which will be reinstated at high level to form the six window surrounds. This stone fell from the building due to the damage caused by the fire and G Hillan Masonry have done an excellent job in piecing together the stones to allow us to assess what can and cannot be reused. A series of drawings were produced which identified the condition and staus of the individual stones to allow an accurate picture to be formed of the level of replacement stone required.

The giant stone jigsaw puzzles will be lifted into place in the coming weeks to allow the final connections with the new steelwork for the roof to be determined.