Lilybank Terrace - Progress

Lilybank Terrace Progress_Blog Image

For long enough, a visit to the B-Listed terrace brought with it an uninterrupted wander through all three townhouses. There were no floors, no roof, no windows. The only clues of former uses were the odd wall covering or sign. The extensively fire damaged terrace lay empty, and in need of refurbishment.

Five months into the first phase of this refurbishment sees a building well on the way to recovery. The site is crawling with activity: the new steel frame to all three townhouses is being erected, stone masons carefully prepare templates for the new stone lintels, mullions and cills, scaffolding now shrouds the building and the next lift of metal decking sits, ready to be assembled to receive the first floor slab.

As work continues apace on the inside, now begins the painstaking process of surveying every piece of existing stone to determine the condition of the outer walls before moving on to rebuilding the areas worst damaged by the fire.